Going Home to Roost

Hello and welcome this this pretty little site, where you can find oodles of tips and resources to help you create a blog that is beautiful, interesting and helpful (you may even earn a little moolah!) Blogging is one of the few mediums not tainted by corporate media. So let’s change the world together, with interesting words and inspiring images.

For example, say there is a wonderful book or invention (you will find plenty on this site!) that needs to get the word out. If one thousand bloggers with 100 readers each promote it via posts, interviews or reviews, that’s a potential audience of 100,000. No marketing required.

But blogging is also a creative outlet for you. Whether you are a writer, artist or a peaceful troublemaker, you will adore the compassionate, colorful and uplifting energy of this site.

Just dip in to whatever subject interests you. You should hopefully have all the tools you need to make your beautiful blog a resounding success. Also hop over to Pinterest, where you can find thousands of inspiring images. Pop by often to say hello! And heaps of blessings xx