The vegan lifestyle is now huge, with millions of readers and thousands of niche blogs. Whereas before it would have been difficult to find affiliate income opportunities, today the happy news is that if you run a vegan blog, you now have some good mainstream companies to recommend and earn money from. Also see the post on earning income from vegan beauty boxes.

As for all food blogs, see responsible blogging to know toxic foods to avoid, near people and pets. This is very important if people order online, to ensure the family dog doesn’t devour chocolate parcels coming through the door.

Affiliate Opportunities for Vegan Blogs 

  1. Nutriously offers a 200 page vegan starter kit (above) with recipes and a meal plan. You also receive a bonus eBook of 40 delicious plant based recipes and a 14 day meal plan. You’ll also receive a restaurant guide, a cheat sheet and FAQ eBook answering 50 common questions. Please note this program is looking for bloggers that are already a little established and now what they are doing.
  2. MOCK (UK) delivers frozen vegan meals straight to your door, with free shipping. All the meals are handmade with natural ingredients, based on authentic Indian recipes. .The range includes Punjabi Curry, ‘Chicken’ Tikka Biriyani, ‘Chicken’ Jeera with Potatoes & Peppers, ‘Chicken’ Jalfrezi and ‘Lamb’ Keema with Peas & Potatoes. This young company has had super feedback since launch in late 2017, with its meals soon to be stocked in major stores.
  3. Vegin’ Out (US) delivers gourmet meals nationwide. Each package contains a host of healthy meals, alongside 5 vegan cookies. Executive chef Brian L Patton is author of the two fab books The Sexy Vegan Cookbook and The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home.
  4. Vegan Nutrition Store (UK) delivers some mighty nice foods to your door including artisan sourdough pizzas and Nush yogurt. Order by 2pm for next day delivery

Vegan Fashion Brands 

  1. Gunas creates luxury vegan handbags in New York, designed by a former creative at Kitchen Aid! These lovely handbags are in beautiful styles and colors, many are named after an animal welfare heroine (like Miss Betty, named after Golden Girls actress Betty White).
  2. Mechaly create luxury vegan handbags. The company was founded in Beverly Hills by a group of people who wished to use their financial good fortune, to do something that makes a difference to animals.
  3. Angela Roi creates luxury vegan handbags, with gold plated clasps. They are made in fair working conditions, and profits help to rescue mistreated animals.
  4. Ethcs is a UK company selling ethical organic tees promoting the plant based lifestyle. The company was founded by one of the world’s top vegan freerunners, and profits help to support a local farm sanctuary.
  5. Eve, Corkor and & all run affiliate programs, selling cork bags, wallets and purses. Cork is a sustainable product tat does not require the chopping down of trees. They are ‘tapped’ a bit like maple syrup, and the industry helps to support native wildlife and Portuguese farmers.
  6. Labante London makes stylish vegan handbags, with linings of recycled polyester. The factories are vetted for ethics, and 10% of profits go to charity. Named by The Telegraph and The Independent as one of the top ethical fashion brands to watch!