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Minimalist blogger Leo Babauta has over 2 million readers, and was once asked how he felt. He said the main difference was responsibility. If you have that many readers, omitting information can have consequences. You don’t want to scare yourself silly. Blogging is about creativity. But if you encourage readers to eat chia pudding (it could choke people with swallowing difficulties) or say to display a pretty lily plant in the lounge (a cat brushing a tail against it could die), this is not responsible, if you have that knowledge to share.

It’s a fine balance. You wish to inform, without going overboard and sounding like a public safety announcement. So if you are a recipe, gardening or lifestyle blogger, here are simple tips and resources to check out. You can then get creative, and find ways to include this information:

Food Safety for Humans

Food Safety for Pets

Garden Safety for Pets