How to Become a Vegan is a simple guide by London firefighter Edric

According to blogging experts, the three main niches in blogging that get most traffic and earn most money are health, romance and wealth. So many people are confused about what to eat, so if you can offer clarity and a relaxing space to inspire, then this is a good niche to blog about. See Responsible Blogging to know which foods to avoid near people and pets. Also see the post on how to earn income with healthy eating blogs.

Non-Boring Nutrition Sources


  1. Vegan Weight Loss Manifesto is an 8 week plan by Zuzana and Nikki
  2. The 23 Day Plant Based Switch is by a Scottish nutritionist
  3. Love Your Body is a fun girlfriend guide from Talia Fuhrman
  4. Becoming Vegan: Express Edition – the ultimate guide by two dietitians
  5. 30 Days of Vegan is a book by an NHS dietitian with meal plans
  6. Simple Happy Kitchen – colorful illustrated vegan nutrition guide
  7. Liz Cook Chart – beautiful illustrated wall chart
  8. Buddha’s Diet – eat within a 9-hour block, with last meal before 6pm
  9. 12 Day Dairy Detox – tips & recipes on this fun program
  10. Vegan IO offers quick and simple vegan meal plans
  11. Nutriously offers a wonderful vegan starter kit.
  12. Losing Weight Effortlessly is a super eBook that is beautifully produced

Quality Plant Based Supplements 

  1. Britt’s Superfoods was founded by Dr Britt (above)
  2. Veg Vit is a good multi supplement
  3. Opti3 is a plant based omega 3 supplement, based on algae
  4. Nothing Fishy is another algae based omega 3 supplement
  5. Vega All in One Shake was created by a triathlete
  6. Body Me makes vegan protein powders (scoops included in reusable pouch)
  7. Muscle Mary London offers plant based superfood blends
  8. Sunwarrior make the best protein powders on the market.
  9. B12 Patch is applied to the skin, rather than taken orally

Healthy Eating Recipe Books 

  1. Vodka is Vegan is a fun book by brothers Matt & Phil Letten (above)
  2. Tres Green, Tres Clean, Tres Chic! is a pretty French inspired guide
  3. The Chakras and Crystals Cookbook includes a Blackberry Intuition Smoothie!
  4. Wholefood Simply offers natural treats made from simple, healthy ingredients
  5. Bliss Bites offers vegan and gluten free treats to indulge

I gave a talk recently. I wanted my audience to understand the consequences of what we eat. They might even consider eating more produce and eating less meat. People nodded. I had them. I ended big. Change what you eat, then change your life, then change the world. Applause. Then I opened it up for questions. A guy in the third row asked ‘What do I eat for dinner?’ Excellent question. Because you can’t change the world, when you can’t even figure out what to eat at the end of a long day. Ellen Kanner