Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook is the book that every blogger needs, if they want to design and write their blog, get traffic and earn money. Amy and her husband earn jaw dropping monthly income and she wrote this book to teach all she has learned since starting her blog, to help others. It was only 5 years ago that Amy published her first post, yet she and her husband now earn thousands of dollars every month on their organizational lifestyle blog, enabling them to live a lovely life, raising their children while working from home. A graduate in English education, Amy knows how to write and this book is a feast of information.

I managed to grow my list to over 1300 email subscribers before my blog even launched, and his 20K page views in my first month of blogging. Two months later, I was already at 50K. It’s amazing how much knowledge Amy shares, in such an affordable way. I’m so thankful to her. Sandra, Wundertastisch

The book covers:

  1. How to host and design your blog
  2. Writing interesting posts that get shared
  3. How to use social media
  4. Figuring out techy issues
  5. How to make money with your blog
  6. Email marketing

The course is sold as a standalone ebook. Or if wished, you can upgrade to the premium version that includes 9 video modules to help you create amazing content, grow traffic and earn money.  Plus the course includes awesome bonuses:

  1. A private Facebook group to learn with fellow students
  2. A bonus ‘how to make printables’ tutorial for newsletters
  3. A 30 page workbook to organize your thoughts and ideas

Course Curriculum

Foundation Module

  1. What to Expect From This Course
  2. My Blogging Story
  3. The Ups and Downs of Blogging

Module 1: Concept and Branding

  1. Creating Your Concept
  2. Branding Your Blog

Module 2: Setting Up The Technical Side

  1. Platform, Domain Name & Hosting
  2. Choosing a Theme
  3. Plugins
  4. The Essentials of a Successful Site
  5. Tech Tutorials:
    Registering a Domain Name
    Installing Genesis & Child Theme
    Installing Plugins
    Setting Up Google Analytics
    Setting Up Social Media Buttons
    Setting Up The Menu Bar

Module 3: Email

  1. Why Email Is So Important
  2. How to Get People On Your List
  3. What To Do With Your List
  4. Tech Tutorials: Mailchimp & ConvertKit Basics

Module 4: Content

  1. The Purpose Behind Your Posts
  2. The Types of Post to Grow Traffic
  3. SEO Basics
  4. Photography
  5. Tech Tutorial: Editing with Photoshop
  6. Tech Tutorial: Editing with PicMonkey

Module 5: Relationships with Other Bloggers

  1. Why Relationships Are So Important
  2. How to Build Relationships with Other Bloggers
  3. How to Link Up at a Link Party

Module 6: Social Media

  1. Defining Your Focus
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. My Workflow
  7. Tech Tutorial: Scheduling Pins with BoardBooster
  8. Tech Tutorial: Scheduling Pins with Tailwind
  9. Tech Tutorial: Scheduling with Buffer

Module 7: Monetizing Your Blog

  1. Getting Started with Monetization
  2. Getting Started with Ads
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Working with Brands
  5. Preparing Your Blog to Sell Digital Products

Module 8: Getting Organized

  1. Deciding How to Launch Your Blog
  2. Getting Organized and Staying on Track
  3. The Business Side of Blogging
  4. You Did It!

Results By The End of the Course

  1. A well thought out blog concept
  2. A beautiful and welcoming site for readers
  3. Creative, inspiring and helpful content
  4. A thriving email list
  5. Growing social media channels for traffic
  6. An effective plan to monetize your site
  7. Relationships and collaboration with fellow bloggers
  8. The happiness of a blog and brand you are proud of!

And to top it all, if you like the course, you can recommend it to others and earn affiliate income on it.  Just send an email for further details.