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If you don’t already have a blog, here are tips to start you off. And if you have a blog already, consider using some of these resources. A blog is only as good as its host. Nobody will return to a blog that keeps going missing, nor one that has security issues (see the post on how to back up your site). There are four main blogging platforms:

  1. Blogger is best for hobby blogs. It’s free but you are limited on design options, and Google owns it, so they can in theory close you down (not likely, but back it up anyway). And if this happens, there is nobody to ask for help, save forums.
  2. Squarespace has its own hosting, stats and support. The templates are neutral but you could buy a pretty Squarespace theme. You can find good posts for newbies at Elle & Co.
  3. Self Hosted WordPress is what most businesses use. If you run a blog or website that charges lots of monthly fees to host, switching over is a revelation (a gorgeous site for under $100 a year, including hosting and theme). See the post on the best hosting companies.
  4. Hosted WordPress is free but you are limited on design and there are rules on income. But good, if you can’t afford hosting fees.

Terms and Conditions 

Elan Creative has a great post on what to include on your blog or website. Most of it is pretty simple, but you do need to include extra things, if you are taking money direct. Also see the post on ensuring your blog follows legal terms.