Fritz Ahlefeldt

Wildlife and nature blogs are a wonderful way to teach people about the natural world. You can also help protect native species if you run a local blog. Help others identify different butterflies and encourage people to send in sightings. If planting flowers to attract butterflies, see Garden Safety Tips for Pets to know toxic plants to avoid.

Butterflies are beautiful gentle creatures, whose former life as a cocoon and short but enjoyable life as a butterfly, offers a dramatic lesson in Nature. All have clear wings (colors are reflections from the scales). They can see ultra-violet light and taste with their feet! 

Is There Truth to the Chaos Theory?

You’ve heard this right? That every time a butterfly flaps its wings, it causes a hurricane on the other side of the world? Chaos theory was developed by mathematician and weather expert Edward Lorenz, whose experiments led him to deduce that predicting the weather is pretty much impossible, as a tiny change can alter the weather. He used a butterfly flapping its wings more as a symbolic example, but did state that it had the potential to change small changes in atmospheric pressure (though not likely a hurricane on the other side of the world).

A child’s view of the Chaos Theory: If you give a mouse a cookie, he will ask for a glass of milk, then a napkin and then nail scissors to trim his milk mustache. Then he needs a broom to sweep up the clippings, then he asks for a bed to take a nap, then asks you to read him a book!

Beautiful Books on Butterflies!

  1. Look and Wonder: The Amazing Life Cycle of Butterflies is a gorgeous book, exploring the life cycle, from tiny eggs to crawling caterpillars to beautiful butterflies.
  2. Being a Butterfly follows the story of a green caterpillar as it hatches, grows and transforms into a colorful butterfly. Learn how butterflies move, feed and pollinate, before finding a mate and beginning the cycle of life again.
  3. Gardening for Butterflies is an optimistic call to arms, to help readers create a butterfly-friendly garden. Includes profiles of hundreds of plants, with tips on selection.