Claire Henley

Whether you run a green, travel or local blog, boating is quite a narrow niche and one that could do with a few more interesting writers to blog posts on this lovely pastime. Of course, our oceans are not in a very good state, so be a responsible blogger and use your posts as a way to help clean them up, by only recommending green boating activities and products.

Many people would love nothing than living the simple life on a boat. But boats are not as simple as they appear! They can be difficult to operate, own and take care of. And there is added responsibility of ensuring that boating adventures are respectful to ocean wildlife:

  1. Boat Green offers 50 ways to protect the oceans and marine wildlife
  2. Hullmate is an invention to clean your boat without chemicals.
  3. E- Cloths clean boat interiors using just water (not electrics!)
  4. Donate sails to Sail and Canvas to make into totes (sail cloth is very flammable)
  5. The Green Blue offers lots of tips for green boaters
  6. Use a spill proof can to avoid pollution
  7. Canal Camps (spend a few days helping to restore a canal).

Boating with Dogs

Hannah Cole

  1. For Dog’s Sake and The Safe Dog Handbook are packed with good tips
  2. Sarah Wilson has a good post and review of choosing the best dog lifejacket
  3. Ruffwear (also sold in the UK) & Safe Life Jacket both sell quality dog lifejackets
  4. Doggy Docks makes quality boat platforms, which can also be used for pools