Many lifestyle and recipe blogs like to review cookbooks and grocery brands. But how about reviewing some of the new time saving kitchen gadgets out there. This is not about selling a lot of rubbish to gather dust in the cupboard, but to promote some of the wonderful new inventions to promote healthy eating. And many run affiliate programs, so you can earn a you write! See Responsible Blogging to know foods to avoid near people and pets.

  1. Hurom Slow Juicer (above) is one of a few true high quality juicers. This one does not use heat, so preserves nutrients. The patented Slow Squeeze Technology uses an auger to squeeze out juice (similar to how you would hand-squeeze an orange) instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades like other juicers and blenders. This natural motion minimizing damage to ingredients, keeping natural taste and nutrition intact. This company runs an affiliate scheme.
  2. Inspiralizer (top image) is a device to turn hard vegetables into carb free pasta. Designed by an Italian American woman who wished to find a simple way to keep the weight off, this product is now a best seller. It’s simple to use, has good safety features and small enough to store away, or keep on the countertop. You can also use this device to turn orange and lemon rind into pretty garnishes. There is also an affiliate program.
  3. Nut Milk Bag is a good invention for anyone wishing to make their own nut milk. This may seem a niche market, but there are millions of people who make their own nut milk, to save money You can also use this to blend and strain fruit, to make fresh juice without a juicer.
  4. Overnight Oats Jar is a wonderful invention by a popular recipe blogger. Overnight Oats are made by mixing together oats with various ingredients, then letting them soak overnight for a healthy tasty breakfast the next morning. This jar does all the work for you, just use the printed info to know what to add, so it tastes good for breakfast!
  5. Spud Spikes are made from stainless steel, to reduce baked spud cooking time. No more having to resort to microwaves if you feel impatient. These can cut the cooking time by almost half, by conducting heat in a different manner.
  6. Lakeland Mini Ice Cream Maker is one of a few budget brands of ice cream makers, which is good for its class. It churns recipes into homemade desserts in 20 minutes You may also wish to review your favorite popsicle molds.
  7. La Denise is a French invention to store fruits and vegetables at room temperature, no fridge required. Designed to tackle food waste, there are various layers. The sand layer stores shallots, celery, beets, carrots and leeks. Another layer allows you to hydrate produce daily. And two other layers have mutual conservation properties, with air exchange.
  8. Good Grips is a wonderful brand of kitchen prep tools. From their vegetable peelers to colanders, once used, you will likely not want to use any other brand again.
  9. Midnight Scoop is one of those items that you realized needed inventing, after it has been invented. Current ice cream scoops fork you to use weak wrist joints, and is difficult. The curved handle of this scoop pushes into the hard frozen ice cream, with ease of use and an instant bowl of goodness, no hot water required!
  10. Onya Weigh is a set of five mesh bags, which you use at the grocery or supermarket to weigh fresh produce, instead of plastic bags. The bags are translucent for the cashier to identify, and weigh nearly nothing on the scales. The bags keep your produce fresh for longer. And they double up as produce colanders.
  11. Coco-Jack has been a revolution for raw foodists, who love to create recipes using fresh young coconuts. Now you can enjoy smoothies to desserts with this invention. It’s pretty simple to use, but does involve a hammer, so take care!