The Artist of Life Workbook is a beautiful item to help your blog and your life, from Aileen, founder of the gorgeous blog Lavendaire. Available in digital or print editions, this workbook is designed to help your most inspiring and successful year. 10% of profits go to Pencils of Promise.

The workbook contains the following:

  1. Reflections on highlights, growth, mistakes and lessons learned the previous year
  2. Envisioning the dream year ahead with detailed goals for Health, Relationships, Career, Personal Growth, Creative, Spiritual, Home, Money, Adventure, and Ultimate Life Goals
  3. Self love exercises to cultivate a better relationship with yourself.
  4. Create a fun bucket list of 100 things to do this year
  5. Consider your effects on society, and making a positive impact
  6. Set quarterly and monthly goals, with reviews to track progress
  7. A habit tracker to stay consistent
  8. Next Action Steps to break down large projects
  9. 30 journaling prompts to spark inspiration

The A5 size book contains 107 pages of content, and 91 empty pages for notes. The workbook is perfect if you want to:

  1. Wake up inspired and motivated
  2. Strengthen your focus, on what truly matters
  3. Solidify lessons learned from the past year
  4. Clarify what you want, and how to get there
  5. Develop positive habits to enrich your lifestyle
  6. Keep on track with your goals
  7. Find extra motivation through tough times
  8. Live a balanced life that fills your soul
  9. Create a life that you love
  10. Take action to create the year of your dreams